How to Create a SaMD Venture: A Step by Step Guide

Software as a medical device (SaMD) is software that performs a medical function without being part of a hardware device. SaMD can monitor, diagnose, or treat various health conditions, such as apps that measure blood pressure, detect skin cancer, or recommend medications. SaMD is an exciting and innovative field that offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs

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Keychron K-3 Pro.

Hey, keyboard enthusiasts! Today I’m going to review the Keychron K3-Pro, a mechanical keyboard with brown switches, QMK and VIA programable. This keyboard is a dream come true for anyone who loves customizing their typing experience and having a sleek and compact design. The Keychron K3-Pro is a 75% layout keyboard, which means it has

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Med-Bay: Is it possible to build one?

The healing machine or “Med-Bay” depicted in the movie Elysium represents an idealized form of healthcare technology, capable of diagnosing and curing any disease, injury, or condition instantaneously. While this is a fascinating concept, there are several key technological elements that our current capabilities lack to make such a device a reality. In conclusion, the

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