What’s your name?


I Seek You

UhOh ? You have a message… How to keep contact with your virtual friends… Yes at this time, Internet was used to contact people you don’t see in your everyday life or you never seen.

/nick Yoo

After trying different names, I was only comfortable with “Yoo”. In fact, I probably tried 20 different name, but online I was Yoo and cannot switch anymore. It is short, cool and looks nice in this ASCII world. Connected? Yes people started to know me “Yoo” and my real identity started to merge with it. … Continue reading “/nick Yoo”


When you type Yoo instead of you, this become your lifetime nickname ? I consider myself as an early adopter of internet when only university special IT classroom was the only place you were hearing about Internet and people could connect with each other at hundreds of kilometers using a nice black&white console using IIRC. … Continue reading “Typo”


Someone was born, not yet the name…